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GOSA Code of Ethics


 GOSA Core Values

All members of Gloucestershire Old Spots of America, hereafter referred to as GOSA shall understand the core values of the association and adhere to the GOSA code of ethics. GOSA core values center around the idea that our members are stewards of the Gloucestershire Old Spot breed. Our members share the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of our national herd, maintaining the integrity of our registry, and ensuring the health of our animals.  GOSA exists to promote and protect the GOS breed. The association is a place where breeders, owners, and enthusiasts alike can collaborate to encourage and teach our new and existing members.


GOSA Code of Ethics


As a member of GOSA, I shall:

  1.       Safeguard the health and well being of my animals at all times.
  2.       Only breed animals that I know to be in good health and condition. 
  3.       Never breed or sell animals as breeding stock that are known to carry genetically inherited defects or carry undesirable physical or behavioral attributes.
  4.       Be diligent with breeding management and record keeping ensuring that all statements made on registration applications are accurate and truthful. Animals with questionable parentage shall not be registered.  
  5.       Honestly and accurately represent animals to prospective buyers. Offer new owners reasonable support following a sale to help ensure their success raising their animals.
  6.       Never transfer an animal to a party when concern exists that the animal may not receive adequate care; or concern exists that that integrity of the breed may be degraded or damaged.
  7.       Conduct myself, including on social media, in such a way as to protect the good order, welfare, reputation and credit of the Association, Board of Directors, officers, and association members.
  8.       Conduct myself, with dignity and honesty at any association public forum or function, including social media, to enhance the image of the GOS pig rather than myself.
  9.       Never speak authoritatively on behalf of the association, without first obtaining approval from the organization, unless otherwise authorized to do so.  


Standard Operating Procedures for Ethics Committee


Those in violation of the GOSA Code of Ethics will have their membership status brought for review to the Board of Directors. A member wishing to report an ethics violation, should submit their complaint through their regional director. If the member’s regional director is the individual accused of an ethics violation, the member may submit their complaint directly to any member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall appoint an Ethics Committee within 14 days of receiving the complaint. 

The ethics committee will comprise five (5) members in good standing, at least two (2) of which should be members of the board of directors. If a complainant feels that an ethics committee member has a conflict of interest, the complainant may request in writing that the president replace the committee member in question. The association president shall review the complaint and determine if a committee member will be replaced or recommended to abstain. 

The Ethics Committee will inform the complainant and the accused that the complaint is being reviewed by the Ethics Committee. Both parties shall be informed of the names of the committee members, and details of the complaint.

The Ethics Committee shall research the complaint to determine whether the member violated the GOSA Code of Ethics. If it is determined by a simple majority that a violation occurred, the committee will forward a case review with all pertinent information and recommendations to the Board of Directors. 

After a complaint is reviewed, the Board of Directors will decide whether to enforce disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include a temporary restriction of certain membership rights. These rights may include the right to vote or hold office. The Board of Directors may elect to suspend the member. The Ethics committee will make a recommendation of how long a suspension will last. Members who are suspended shall not be allowed to register an animal and will not enjoy the benefits of GOSA membership while under suspension. The Board of Directors may elect to expel a member. A member who is expelled may be permanently suspended and removed from GOSA. 

In the interest of the breed and national herd, GOSA may opt to work with suspended or expelled members in transferring ownership of animals.

Manner of Notice: Except as otherwise specified, all meeting notices related to ethics complaints to members shall be in writing and mailed to their address appearing on the records of the association, 15 days previous to meeting with the member. Notice date begins on the postmark date.