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Welcome to GOSA (Gloucestershire Old Spots of America Inc): The founding  breeders registry for GOS hogs in the United States. GOSA promotes the GOS herd population in the United States by supporting breeders, pork producers, small farmers, new farmers, chefs, University researchers, peer heritage breed conservancy’s, and YOU.

GOSA was established in 1996 and holds the original records and institutional history that will lead this important heritage breed to a vibrant future.

GOSA is a non-profit membership based organization that is run entirely by volunteers. GOSA’s purpose is to preserve and promote Gloucestershire Old Spots Hogs which are a heritage and critically endangered breed of livestock. 

Gloucestershire Old Spots of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 1004, Aromas, California, 95004
Gloucestershire Old Spots of America