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GOSA Materials


Feel free to send this along to a friend, bring to school for a project, or bring a bunch with you to a fair or show to hand out as informational material.

GOS brochure


Click image to download the latest version of the GOSA poster. Please feel free to use this at fairs, sales, school projects or other events related to the breed. 

GOSA Poster

If you would like to order copies of the GOSA poster: 

Please note: Price of poster does not include shipping and handling charges of $6 (covers round shipping tube, shipping label, and postage). If you order more than 1 poster, you do not pay shipping on up to 5 posters. However, as we can only fit five posters in a shipping tube, individual orders must be limited to 5 (just place another order if you would like more than 5).  Due to some PayPal limitations, if you order more than 5 posters in a single order, we will have to refund your order and won’t be able to ship the posters.